One Song A Week

Enter the new project. The year is 2018. Age 31. Incoming album: Number 5

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to avoid album releases happening like a puff of smoke. There and gone. Last year, during the Peaks and Valleys run, a vision started piecing itself together in my mind about what I was going to do next, and how I was going to execute it in way that was interesting, interactive, and meaningful.

This time it’s my project. It’s not for anyone else. It’s not for the “music industry”. It’s not a “stepping stone”. It’s not a tool. It’s simply an album of songs that mean the most to me, done in exactly the way I want to do it. And in saying that, I care the absolute least about what happens to it once it’s released. Except for the fact that I’ll be so proud of it.

I’m treating this album like we’re Romeo and Juliet. You know, like when you finally find something or someone that wakes up your heart with meaning, all the things you used to think mattered crumble? Or maybe it’s more like that moment when you finally realize that pleasing anyone but yourself has been a complete waste of time and energy, and you’re going to die one day so you get some perspective and start living more authentically and just don’t give a shit, but in the best way. (Sorry for the run on sentence.)

So because I simultaneously don’t care at all and care more than I ever have, I’m going to have a lot of fun with this. Part of the vision is that the release happens in a series of stages. Stage 1: Reflect on all the albums that have come before.

Have you ever heard the podcast “Song Exploder”? It’s this great situation where an interviewer gets the inside scoop directly from the artist on how their song came to be. Maybe it’s about meaning, lyrics, instrumentation, or the studio production. That’s how I’m going to break down this reflection period.

So every week I’m going to release a blog or something like it that delves a little deeper into a song from albums past. Song #1 comes from my first album, “House of Ink”. The lyrics to this song are where the album title is embedded. And that’s what every song is; a house of ink. An homage to someone or something. So i’ll take you inside each one and show you around.

Stay Tuned.



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