Indie Week Canada 2013 – DAY THREE

Today was the first day of panels and showcases. Lena and I started the day with a few hours of breathing and vocal warm ups, and then headed to our first panel: “Music in Film and Television; Licensing and Placement”. We actually knew one of the panelists. Her name is Adaline, and we met her at Ryan McMahon’s about 2 years ago. She was the one who gave me the advice to go to music festivals like this, even if we didn’t get in, and just network. I had actually forgotten that she also shared with me one of her secrets…which I will now share with you. She finds out who the music industry people are who will be at the festivals, contacts them and invites them out for coffee during the festival. The thing is, not many people actually go to these lengths to start the relationship building process. Lena and I made sure to approach the panelists after the session, introduce ourselves, and pick their brains. We gave hugs of course, and exchanged business cards. Like I said, a little bit of guts and an ounce of charm goes a long way. Apparently there are only about 6 music producers (I hope I got that title right) in Canada, and we got to meet a few them. We got to start the relationship building. We got to do exactly what I hoped we would get to do here. When we left that experience, my heart was beating hard in my chest, because I felt like I had really accomplished something I had been dreaming of for a long time. Thank you so much to all the people who donated and made this possible. I am so amazed that this is happening!!


Unfortunately, I didn’t make it out to see the drummer of The Doors do a keynote speech. I felt it was more important to make sure my vocals were strong and warmed up this morning, and the film/tv panel was also at the top of my list. That would have been cool, though. THE DOORS!! “Goin’ to the Roadhouse, gonna have a RE AL…..ah GOOD TIME!”


We showed up at the Brooklynn Bar in plenty of time to meet and greet with a few bands and the sound guy. A few words about the sound guy. SO NICE! Sound guys are not always nice. Often they are grumpy and sound check is awkward and tense. This was such a pleasant surprise, and what was even more pleasant was how much he loved our set!! The Bar was packed and adrenaline was pumping. Lena and I did plenty more vocal warm ups in a secret bathroom downstairs that nobody else was allowed to go. It was awesome. Ciro killed it at the merch table, too. He had the big Headless Bettys sign up, equipped with shirts, CDs, and signs. He took care of our bags and made sure no buyer left unhappy. All sorts of friends from Toronto came out to visit, including my old friend Kayla Lorette, a talented improvisor from highschool who you can now see regularly on the YTV kids show “That’s So Weird”. Fiona’s parents were there as well (you know…Fiona who takes our pictures and made the Big Stars video?)…and they brought 2 friends! Katie Robinette who I met in Nanaimo was there with a great big enthusiastic energy! Even Fiona’s friend Laurie who recently visited BC came with her sister. Then there was Shannon and Jimmy (my parents). Boy it feels good to see their proud faces. Great to see mom busting a move on the dance floor. It also is great to see dad in a Kendall Patrick and the Headless Bettys shirt wearing ear plugs in a bar at midnight in Toronto. It’s just not something you see every day.


The adrenaline of the awesomeness kept us out till 4am. Bed time came very welcome and well deserved. Taking advantage of Indie Week? I think YES.

Love Kendall, Lena, Caleb, Brent, and Ciro.
and Mom and Dad

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