Operation Empowerment in Campbell River

Human Rights Day – an inspiring presentation by the Youth for Diversity Team in Campbell River. I participated in this a few years ago as well and this endeavor has proven to be the most rewarding and empowering experience that I’ve ever been part of. Campbell River, I love your energy and your attention. I am ever grateful for the unity and liberation we share with wild enthusiasm and open-mindedness. We are breaking out of boxes, busting out of stereotypes. Second guessing the messages of mass media and popular culture with our new found critical thinking skills. We will use these to rise above the superficiality, the tiny molds we tried to squeeze into, the separation. We are more than our clothes. We are more than the make up. We are more than the pressure to be thin and “beautiful”. Together we are redefining beauty. What we did today was the most beautiful thing I can imagine. “Spread love like wildfire” (Jo) Turn on and Turn up your compassion. Be Brave. Be Honest. Be Open-Minded.Be.

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