Big Stars

From the moment of conception, the Big Stars Music Video was a flawless current of perfection. Like lightening, the idea struck Kendall Patrick and Fiona Shedden one fateful afternoon as they sat down to work on Kendall’s hair. Fiona, wearing many Kendall Patrick hats (dread artist, videographer and photographer, friend and ally) was eager to start up her career again after settling on the west coast since her long adjustment from Ontario. As timing would have it, Kendall was bursting at the seems to have a music video ready for festival application season. This perfect storm sucked in a congregation of local musicians,  a hot sunny day on the scheduled outdoor shoot, and an 1860 original Henry Miller box grand piano dwelling in a million dollar home, all with ease and an uncanny momentum that kept the girls shooting glances of astonishment between each other throughout the entire timeline of the journey. Enough cannot be said about the dedication and enthusiasm of all the musicians featured in this video. It was a hot,  8 hour day  that required endurance of not only the heat but of having to hear the song about 800 times. On Hallowe’en night, the video had its first premiere; projected onto a giant screen at a local house show venue, the crowd of an estimated 80+ laughed and cheered as they saw their friends making their big debut in the video. To what does Kendall owe this grace?  She asks herself every day. Overwhelmed with gratitude and joy, she thanks each and everyone of you, including all the viewers, who have made this experience one of the most monumental of her career.

Big Stars Video Shoot

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