Kendall Patrick’s Adopt-A-Word

I’m going to be heading out on tour, soon. A tour across the US. It’s my first major tour, celebrating the launch of my brand new album: “The Other Side”

In a lot of ways, I feel like recording, the process of recording and releasing an album, is a lot like having children. There’s a lot of work, a lot of what goes into making the songs, my babies, ready for the world. It’s exhausting, sometimes, and exhilarating to watch the music take on a life of it’s own.

So, back to the tour. I’m excited to take my “kids” out on the road, I can’t wait to see the places I’ll discover and people I’ll meet along the way.

Here’s where you come in. Me, the music, it’s just part of it. Without you there to hear it, to give me your strength along the way, I wouldn’t be able to make it on my own. Also, I’m not ashamed to say it, I need financial help.

I’ve been thinking, how can I give something back? How can I let the fans, my friends, everyone, have something, own a piece of the album. And then it hit me.

The words. I sing them, I perform them, but they belong to everyone – so why not give everyone a chance to adopt the words on the album?

So that’s what’s happening. Starting on March 17th, I’ll be putting the words, all 2500 or so of them, up for adoption.

The fee to adopt a word is $1, and you can do it at the brand new Kendall Patrick online store (that’s http://store.kendallpatrick.com)

What do you get?

That’s a good question! I value everyone’s contribution equally, so whether you can give a dollar or $100, I really appreciate your help

So everyone will receive a digital adoption certificate signed by Kendall Patrick (that’s me), with the story of the word., and be named as their word’s official guardian on kendallpatrick.com

If you adopt more than one word (you can adopt as many as you like!) I’ll arrange the words into a nifty word cloud, or do something creative with them.

Oh yeah, and while each word goes for a dollar, you might want to adopt all of a particular word, or a whole bunch of words. It’s all good, and I’m just happy I can share the words with you all in what I think is a pretty neat way! So, it might happen that you’ll end up spending more than $1, and if you do – here’s what you’ll get.

  1. $25 or more will receive a signed copy of the new Kendall Patrick album
  2. $50 or more will receive a printed, framed copy of the adoption certificate, along with a signed copy of the new Kendall Patrick album
  3. $75 or more will receive a t-shirt with their word (or words) printed on it, framed copy of the adoption certificate, along with a signed copy of the new Kendall Patrick album.

Fun-time auction and raffle raffle on Saturday, March 17.

You may have noticed that some of the words are missing, that’s because on Saturday, March 24, the top 20 words will be going up for auction on my Facebook page. Those words are

babe, business, crown, da-dum, electricity, essence, forgiveness, fucked, fucking, guitars, healthy, malfunction, misinterpretation, natural, other, seized, side, tornado, vengeance and years

The bidding for each of these words starts at $50, I’ll be releasing a new word every 15 minutes in a new post starting at 10:00am. To bid, just add a comment with the amount you’re willing to bid. Winning bid at 10:00pm PST takes it.

Auction is closed at 10pm, and all winners will be contacted the following day with instructions on how to pay. (you’ll have 24 hours to make payment, but it’ll be easy – like, PayPal)

The winners of the auction will each receive a special adoption package that contains:

  • a printed, framed copy of the adoption certificate
  • a signed copy of the new Kendall Patrick album
  • A special thanks in the liner notes of the new KP album
  • An opportunity to appear in an upcoming music video
  • A limited edition t-shirt with ALL the words on it in a fun, funky tag cloud

You can buy the words all at the web store, http://store.kendallpatrick.com, or on the official Kendall Patrick Facebook page.

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