Summer 2013 Show Down-Lo!

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Happy Canada Day Everyone!

I am happy to bring you this fresh blog full of upcoming show information, in the hopes that I’ll be seeing you sometime before the summer runs out.

As you know I have been playing for a year now as “Kendall Patrick and the Headless Bettys”. Over the past little while we have been doing some rearranging and you might see some different band members playing with us over the next few months. In our promo pictures you can see our drummer Brendan, but we also play with Caleb from Ladysmith’s Skellig. As far as bass players go, that will be an ebb and flow until the time is right to settle down. But you will never miss Lena or I, that is for sure!

Also important to mention, is that Lena and I also play in another band called “Ah, Venice”. Enough cannot be said  about this band, so why don’t I just show you: (click here!) Also worth mentioning is that this band is led by singer/songwriter Chris Thompson who is the director and token clarinet player in my music video “Cannonball”. Click here to check out the Ah, Venice section of kendallpatrick.com for pictures and links.

Now, according to kendallpatrick.com under “LIVE SHOWS”, you can see that today we are playing a private gig in Comox. This is just a gig for the family of our original bass player Jen. BUT shortly after on July 5th at 6pm, Lena and I will be performing at the incredible 100 Days of Summer Festival in Duncan. Longevity John of the Duncan Garage Showroom creates the most ambitious line-up every year in the summer to fill each and every day with music outside, rain or shine. A frequenter of the Garage, we are very happy to play, and have Lena’s old music partner Sid Johnson follow us with a set of his own!

When Lena and I get off the stage, we will be heading straight back to Nanaimo to slip into our other role as jumpers and backup singers in crowd-favourite, “Ah, Venice”. This being one of the most fun bands to be in and to watch, Ah, Venice will be playing at Nanaimo Centre Stage to support the fundraising efforts of Raymond Knight, local independent film maker (he is in the Big Stars AND Cannonball videos!). Raymond is raising money for his newest film “Beyond Control”. Not only will you get to enjoy the live music, but also the very first release of the trailer to Beyond Control. Tickets are $20 and are available at Lucid and Fascinating Rhythm. Starts at 7pm. Click here for the facebook link to the event.

I am pleased to announce that only 4 days later Ah, Venice will be back on stage. On July 9th, we will be opening for a big act, “The Treble” at The Queens! Also opening that night is the amazing and local Alexandria Maillot. If you don’t know who these amazing acts are, do yourself a joyful musical favour and check them out. Click here to see The Treble.    Click here to see Alexandria Maillot.

On deck is Kendall Patrick and the Headless Bettys’ VERY FIRST MUSIC FESTIVAL!! We are so proud to playing local music festival Rock of the Woods in the Cowichan Valley. This festival spans from July 26th to 27th, and we will play on the Saturday. Also on the bill that day is a band you may remember from a past Duncan Garage show, “The Wild Romantics”. Fronting this band is Ladysmith’s own Evan Miller (young prodigy) and Aleisha Kalina. I went to high school with both of these fine folk and they are often found jamming out with members of Ah, Venice and the Bettys. We are really excited to share another event with them and witness another one of their unparalleled performances. Please do yourself another musically joyful favour and click here to have a peek at them. If you want tickets to Rock of the Woods, let me know and I will personally deliver them to you. Weekend passes that include camping are $125, but day passes are also available at http://ticketzone.com/,  in Duncan at Duncan Music or Area 51,  or in Mill Bay at Mill Bay Pizza.  Click here to check out the festival website for the full line-up!

Another weekend of music immediately follows with the much-anticipated LADYSMITH DAYS!An exhilarating annual event for over 40 years, Ladysmith Days celebrates the abundant pool of resident entertainers in Ladysmith with an exciting line-up of musicians, singers, and dancers. Located in Ladysmith and at Transfer Beach, the event lasts for 3 days and is held in August of every year.” – www.ladysmithdays.com       We will be performing on Saturday, August 3rd from noon to 3 at the Aggie Hall and on Sunday, August 4th from 6:15pm-7:45pm at Transfer Beach.  Don’t miss other performers on Sunday including Ryan McMahon and Skellig. This festival is FREE. More information HERE.

Kendall Patrick and the Headless Bettys collaborate with one of our favourite local bands, The Dead Byrds, on August 9th at the Sportsman Pub in Ladysmith. This band is led by a very well kept secret, singer/songwriter Steph Humphreys. This girl’s songwriting abilities are a thing from above. From such a young age, she is able to produce music that brings you back to the good rock and roll from decades past, and with no shortage of lyrical honesty that keeps me grounded and astounded. Stay tuned for more info.

We close the summer with two Ah, Venice gigs. August 9th will bring a house show shared with an amazingly talented band from Vancouver, High Society. And on August 31st we will be performing at a music festival on Quadra Island called Quadrapalooza! More info on both these events coming soon.

All house show gigs are free and open to anyone, but since they are in a home please contact me for details, as I won’t spill anyone’s address unsolicited. We’ve all seen what happens in the movies.

Thank you for taking the time to read this packed blog, and I sure hope to cross paths with you this summer!

All the best in health and abundance,
Kendall Patrick







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