Birthday Post. Part One


Last night, CIRO put me to bed and said he needed to stay up and “do some things”. Birthday prep and homework. I fell asleep pretty fast as I usually do but woke up a few times in the night just to notice that he still hadn’t come to bed. When 6:30 a.m. rolled around and I realised there was still no one beside me, I assumed he had fallen asleep on the couch. I got up to check out the scene but he was no where to be found. I looked outside to see that my car was gone from the drive way. Did he go to get ingredients for pancakes? The stores aren’t even open! Perhaps he went to 7/11. More time passed. Oh my god. He’s been up all night, has narcolepsy, and went driving. What if he fell asleep and crashed!? What if he’s dead!? I texted his roommate (and my dear friend) Shannon. “Ciro’s missing'”. She came into the room. “Shannon what if he’s dead?  I’m so worried”. She did not let on to knowing where he was. But after another ten minutes of laying in bed imagining myself surviving the death of a boyfriend, he pulled into the driveway. He came into the room, I confessed my crazy and he told me to wake up for breakfast. 

During my banana and strawberry breakfast delight, I read his card, which was so cute and obviously written in a state of severe sleep deprivation. I got him to interpret it for me and I felt like the most special girl in the world, with the most thoughtful adorable partner imaginable.

After I finished my pancakes, we packed up to continue with our day. “Do you have your house keys?” I called, and then proceeded to get in the car and queue up some Brett Dennen while I waited for him. I drove him to his 830 a.m. pottery class at VIU. “Well that was a magical morning”, I thought as I drove home to get ready for a less magical, more normal day at work. As I pulled up to my house, I squealed with suprise at the sight of a giant happy birthday sign mounted on the front of my house. As I got closer I could see ciros signature stencil work , complete with my Kendall Patrick logo and other painted pictures. I obviously immediately took photos and posted them to Facebook. 



An hour and a Half later I pulled into work, eager to share the chocolate covered strawberries he made for me to share with my coworkers, but forgot them in the car because I was completely distracted by ANOTHER even bigger sign right at the front of my place of employment, Katie’s Korner Daycare. I exclaimed, “CIRO!” and laughed in astonishment all the way into the playroom.



I had been looking forward to this day all week because it is Pizza Day at daycare! Over pizza and chocolate covered strawberries I was commiserating with my coworkers about how freaking lucky I am to have been blessed with such an outrageously ENTHUSIASTIC partner. Mona said she was just coming to work around ten after 7 this morning when he came up behind her in the dark. She saw him coming and, with a brain much like mine, jumped to extreme conclusions. Mona said she literally thought she was about to be murdered and was preparing herself for the end. Just as he came right up behind her, her life flashing before her eyes, he uttered “Hey it’s Kendall’s birthday. Can I put up this sign?” False alarm. Number Two.

So I’m in the nap room and CIRO texts me. “Fuck i forgot my keys and i am locked out!” Obviously I was tapping into something this morning when I thought to remind him about his keys, which apparently was unheard. But luck! The pottery room window was unlocked! About 15 minutes later I received another text from him: “Well 6 police officers were just at my house. A neighbor saw me climb thru the window.. Hahaha”

 I love today. 

 On a COMPLETELY unrelated note, I expressed to him a few days ago that I was sensing a lack of enthusiasm from him about me lately. 

I hope you’re sleeping soundly now, Ciro. You’ve successfully set my standards unreachably high. You must be exhausted. You must be a real prince.

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